Name your price coaching

Deciding to add a cat to your family?  Want to ensure a kitten receives proper socialization?  Pregnant and nervous about how your cat will handle a new baby?  You name it, Serenity Meow will offer coaching!  We feel as though being proactive in your cat's behavioral health is imperative to the bond between people and their pets.  We invite you to request any coaching you might feel you need and ask you to name your price!


Say what?!?!


Yes! Our Associate Certified Applied Animal Behavior Counselor will determine if your case can be considered a coaching session once you register under Appointments.  Once this determination has been made, feel free to name your price on the session(s)!   

Some examples of previous coaching sessions:

  • Coaching your cat to not be afraid of the carrier

  • Introducing cats to other pets in the home

  • Kitten 101

  • Preparing your cat for a new baby

  • Preparing your cat for a move to a new home

  • Any advice you would like from our certified behaviorist!