Behavior Consultation

If you feel that there have been changes in your cat's behavior or if you believe as though your cat is behaving inappropriately please contact us for a preliminary consultation.  We will advise you on the best steps towards bringing your environment and your cat's behavior back to a happy and healthy level.  Examples of behavior consultations include:

  • Aggression (towards people or other pets in the home)

  • Sudden skittishness 

  • Pica (compulsively licking or pulling hair out)

  • Any other issues you believe might be a behavioral issue

A preliminary phone interview will determine if your cat would benefit from a behavioral consultation.  The cost is $300 and includes:

  • An in-home visit by the behaviorist (webcam calls also available)

  • A complete behavioral plan based on determinations of the home visit 

  • A two week follow up

  • A two month follow up 

If there are any changes within this time frame, an additional fee may apply.  

*Please note that behavioral consultations and litterbox coaching will not be considered until your cat receives determinations by a licensed veterinarian.  Comprehensive behavioral plans will be based on a veterinarian's findings. 

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